13-09-2024 / 15-09-2024

Nürburgring Drift Cup

Nürburgring Drift Cup

NDC PRO CLASS full season
non-member €1.080,00 member €1.080,00
NDC CLUB CLASS Full season
non-member €1.080,00 member €1.080,00
non-member €420,00 member €420,00
non-member €420,00 member €420,00

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Müllenbachschleife Nürburgring GP Track

Rundkurs 3



Length 1500m
Noise limit 130db

Nürburgring Drift Cup

Get ready for the adrenaline-pumping spectacle of the year! Presenting the Nürburgring Drift Cup by Skylimit Events – the heartbeat of European drift competitions!

Join the league of legends with names like James Deane, Remmo Niezen, Sebastian Fontijn, Kevin Corsius, Bas Mul and Uwe Sener, who have conquered the PRO class and engraved their names in drift history.

Our PRO class champions include:
2013 - James Deane (IRL)
2014, 2015 - Remmo Niezen (NL)
2016 - Sebastian Fontijn (NL)
2017 - Kevin Corsius (B)
2018 - Bas Mul (NL)
2019 - Uwe Sener (D)
2023 - Bas Mul (NL)

But the excitement doesn't stop there!
Witness the thrilling battles in the CLUB class as well, featuring outstanding champions like Patrick Hammes (D) in 2018, Sinan Arslan (D) in 2019 and Luc Metz (FR) in 2023.