Circuit Experience Course for beginners with own car

For people who lack driving experience, Skylimit Events organises driving courses at Circuit Zolder. Guided by our instructors and pace cars, you will learn the ideal racing line, viewing and braking techniques, and how to understand your own limits and those of the car. During free driving sessions, you get the chance to show what you have learned with increasingly better lap times. You can enter this course with your own car or with a rented car (Toyota GT86). 
Passengers are not allowed in the rental car.

 | Time Schedule

| 7.15 am | Administration office open
| 8.10 am | Briefing
| 9.00 am - 10.00 am | Pace car laps
| 10.00 am | Free driving with instructor
| 12.00 am | End
--> Free Driving with own car: some laps with instructor
--> Free Driving with rental car: 1 full hour/p.p. of driving with instructor


 | Circuit Experience Course | Prices
| Course with 1 driver, own car | €255
| Course with 2 drivers, 1 own car | €330
| Course with 1 driver, rental car* | €690
| Course with 2 drivers, 1 rental car* | €1380
* rental cars are always shared with 2 pilots, depending on availability. Effective driving time remains the same for each pilot: +- 25min Pace Car laps & 1h free driving between 10am - noon with instructor.

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